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Fastech Semi-Auto Wax Sprayer System: A Breakthrough Mold Yield Improvement for Automotive Sensor Packages

September 05, 2017


Fastech is committed to developing innovative product lines to provide cost effective solutions to its customers.


Supporting global trends towards automation and robotics, Fastech advances its customization and development capabilities to minimize manual processes, resulting to improved consistency, repeatability and product quality for the customer. Automation can eliminate waste, and produce consistent quality products at a faster cycle time.


Automotive Sensor Packages are molded using clear plastic compound that has been qualified using the mold release wax in pressurized spray can. The pressurized spray can that was used is a fully human dependent wax dispense system which usually results to various mold issues such as inconsistent yield due to high mold defects (bubbles, crack, cloudy and striation), Material Review Board (MRB) lots, low productivity and high wax consumption due to wax nozzle problem.


The Mold Process Engineering Unit conceptualized an improved wax dispense using the electro – pneumatic controlled semi-auto wax sprayer system. This is designed with valves to control even distribution and micro mist spray for the top and bottom mold surface. The system addresses the following issues: (1) variation of amount of wax (2) time difference between the first spray to the eight spray (3) high consumption of wax and (4) low productivity. After full implementation of this semi-auto wax sprayer system, yield consistency is managed, productivity is improved, and wax consumption is reduced.


Semi-Auto Wax Sprayer System Advantages:

• Controlled distribution of mist
• Spray volume is controlled by the valve not by the push button
• Tip is permanent and designed to cover only the bottom and
top cavities
• Spray tip holder is moved horizontally (no need to tilt to spray the
upper chase)
• Weight of the holder is lighter compared to pressurized can
which is heavier when newly opened
• Wax in can is much cheaper compared to pressurized can
• Consumption is controlled (100% of the pail content is used)
unlike the pressurized can where there is a wastage of 20%
• Less human intervention since the pressure is controlled
by the valves
• Spray strokes are reduced from eight to four strokes
• Less time exposure for the first spray to the fourth spray


wax spray 2wax spray


Semi-Auto Wax Sprayer system, conceptualized through series of uncompromising technical discussions, is one of the most vital improvements done in the molding process to attain a better and more consistent yield. Initially, a prototype is fabricated and tested – from the reservoir to the type of hose and nozzle to be used. This system works and every opportunity for improvement is noted until it is fully completed.


The primary intention of the Semi-Auto Spray Wax System is to eliminate human intervention to provide quality and sufficient amount of spray. This improves the consistency of finish on each part, and reduces the chance of waste and over-application. Secondary benefits are the cost savings on wax consumption and UPH improvement.