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Fastech Launches Philippine Engineering Scholarships during its 35th Year Celebration

June 08, 2018

  Fastech Synergy Philippines Inc kicked off its 35th Anniversary


FAITH CMD Ties Up with Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute

September 29, 2017

  FAITH Center for Microelectronics Development (CMD) and Taiwan&


New Capability- High Accuracy & Flexible/Multi-Attachment Die Attach System

December 01, 2017


Fastech’s new High Accuracy and Flexible/Multi-attachment Automatic Die-Attach System improves quality in the assembly operations and supports its customers’ high-volume manufacturing requirements.


Die attach is the foundation of the assembly process. It is the first critical step in the process and getting it right is essential for a reliable finished product. High Accuracy and Flexible/Multi-attachment Automatic Die-Attach System helps achieve the goal of a solid foundation by using a high resolution digital vision system to ensure a pick and placement accuracy of 3 um @ 3 sigma (Application dependent). The fully automated system is designed for flexibility and improved quality. This automatic die attach system is capable of wide range of applications from standard up to the most advanced assembly like Multichip Modules (MCM), Hybrid, Flip Chip, Eutectic, Silver Glass, Die stacking, Thermo-compression and MEMS/different sensors die attach applications.



The Die Attach System ’s handling equipment can pick die from a variety of sources including waffle/Gelpacks, Water Pick-up System (up to 300mm), and tape and reel feeders giving customers flexibility in their sourcing options. Its built-in automatic tool exchanger can cater up to 10 different die sizes/material in one single run. In addition, the tooling is capable of handling unusual die sizes and aspect ratios associated with charge-coupled devices (CCD’s), sensors and sensitive MEMS devices and ensures accurate Bond Line Thickness (BLT) control.


In addition to its high accuracy and flexibility, this machine has the following features:

• The flexibility of the adhesive dispensing system (built-in time/ pressure dispensing) allows single and multi-dot patterns to be applied from a library of dispense patterns or the development of custom patterns for a specific project/customer application. The pin transfer process and stamping has the capability of applying adhesive dots 75 micron and under;

• Flip chip processing is easily handled with inline bump fluxing as well as over and up looking cameras to ensure accurate chip placement and alignment;

• Heating of the substrate and tools are available to ensure the quality of the eutectic and thermo compression bonding processes; and

• Die stacking is another advanced feature of this equipment.
Fastech’s acquisition of this new capability allows it to take the next step to become more proactive in providing a larger and more diverse product in order to meet today’s exacting quality demands in assembly.