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Power/Discrete Packages

Fastech Electronique Inc. provides a broad range of services on turnkey contract manufacturing for semiconductor discrete components and integrated circuits that supports Pin-Through Hole (PTH) and Surface-Mounted Technologies (SMT). It specializes in the assembly and test of micro packages, power discretes, plastics and niche/custom packages.

The Company can work with a customer to customize various product requirements. It has a strong product development and Engineering team that is focused on offering better solutions to customer needs.


Fastech Advanced Assembly Inc is a world class provider of manufacturing services leading RF and microwave companies in USA. Fastech offers a complete range of manufacturing capabilities including surface mount, mixed and hybrid assembly with a full spectrum of RF and microwave functional testing and tuning.

Metal Precision

Firstec Metallics Inc. offers complete machining services from precision tooling to CNC milling services, CNC wire cut services, jig and fixturing, CNC EDM services, and CNC lathe services