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7L TO263 HV: FASTECH’S New Package Offering for High Voltage SMD Application

March 02, 2018



Fastech is excited to add the 7L TO263 HV package to its offerings for high voltage Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) application. In line with its unyielding efforts to improve the package offering of the company, this augments the existing TO263 package family which the company already offers.


In this new package, the leadframe has a die attach pad (DAP) isolated from any external lead. It has a wide clearance of ~7 mm and creepage of ~6.7 mm between Drain and Source, thus increasing the prevention of dielectric breakdown and protection against tracking. When an electric discharge on or close to an insulated surface occurs and generates a path of isolated deterioration on the surface of the material, this is what is called tracking. This makes the package the perfect choice of customers looking for SMD packages capable of handling high voltage devices using Silicon Carbide (SiC) die technology. As for the capability of Pin#2, this new package offering enables it to be used as a Kelvin Source or Gate return pin. This capability decreases the parasitic source inductance resulting to significant reduction of switching losses and efficiency improvement. However, it should be noted that the levels of inductance may depend on the applications.


As proof of its functionality and product advantage, this package passed the Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 3 classification, an electronic standard handling test for the time period in which a moisture sensitive device can be exposed to ambient room conditions. The purpose of this test is to determine how SMD’s are to be properly packaged, stored, and handled to avoid damage during assembly solder reflow attachment. The package was assessed using Fastech’s standard Epoxy Mold Compound (EMC). The new product package is set to be evaluated for MSL1 classification with the coming of new EMCs capable of high voltage application in the market.



In testing this High Voltage package, test fixture design must also be considered. The spacing of socket thru hole pins should be ~7mm and the separation between Drain and Source conductive area should be wide enough for maximum operating voltage (see Figure 2). The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) wide spacing is important as contamination and moisture could occur and be present. In addition, tight spacing of PCB traces may cause arcing that can damage the PCB and the part.


Applications for this package include Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Power Factor Correction, Uninterrupted Power Supply, Motor Drives, and Switch Mode Power Supplies among others. This can be ordered either in Tape and Reel or in Tube packaging.


Through this new package offering for High Voltage SMD Application, Fastech once again proved how committed they are in providing assembly, testing, and packaging solutions for its national and global partners.