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June 08, 2018

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July 01, 2018





Five Fastech Employees completed their college education last June 15 at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (MSEUF).


These employees attended the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP), a comprehensive educational assessment program at the tertiary level that recognizes, accredits and gives equivalencies to knowledge, skills, attitudes and values gained by individuals from relevant work.
ETTEAP is being implemented through deputized higher education institutions that award the appropriate college degrees. Fastech has an ongoing partnership with MSEUF since last year.
The graduates include Alexander L. Baliton, Sr. Process Engineer – Niche Line; Paul Gibson C. Maramag, RF Test Engineer; John Domnick P. Nartates, Facilities Technician; Charles N. Oblepias, Lead Technician; and Primitivo L. Regencia Jr., EOL Process Engineering Supervisor. Baliton, Maramag, and Regencia earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering; Oblepias earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering; and Nartates now holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.
A timeless pursuit of dreams
Alex Baliton, a 40-year old native of Calamba, Laguna, learned about the scholarship program through the Fastech Human Resource Department. “I was asked by HR if I would like to go back to school if given a chance. I answered yes and did not realize it was a scholarship program,” said Baliton. “I am grateful to Fastech for this opportunity. I know the selection process was really tough and I am thankful that I have been selected as one of the scholars,” he added.
Another Laguna native, 37-year old Paul Maramag was elated at the opportunity that Fastech presented to him. “The ETEEAP Scholarship Program benefited me a lot. It helped me finish my studies and focus on the career I chose as an electronics engineer. It will serve as my stepping stone in achieving great success in the future.”
John Domnick Nartates, 29, shares his story of perseverance, hard work, and a strong will to earn a college degree. “My family, especially my wife and daughter, and also my boss, Mr. Ernesto Garcia, always tells me not to be contented on being a technician. They motivated me to go back to college and study again. I am driven by the thought of improving myself and be the DOMDOM 2.0 so I can be an asset to the facilities department,” Nartates said.
Primitivo “Jun” Regencia Jr., 48, says he believes age should not be a hindrance to education. “Since life requires a continuous process of learnings, I was able to gain additional knowledge and achieved an Engineering degree through the ETEEAP Program. I have proven that age is not a hindrance to achieving goals in life. Through determination, self-focus and discipline, you can accomplish anything,” Regencia explained.
Charles Oblepias, 38, considers this scholarship program as a tool that can help him align his educational background to his current position at Fastech. “By attending the ETTEAP Program, I learned how to manage my time being a student and a lead technician at the same time. I look forward to working and giving back to Fastech after I graduate,” said Oblepias.
Baliton, Maramag, Oblepias, Nartates and Regencia took the opportunity to thank Fastech Management. All of them promised to use and share their gained knowledge and abilities to contribute to the sustainable development of the company.
Their journey proves that there are no shortcuts and timelines in achieving one’s hopes and dreams. Fastech is proud and honored to have been part of their adventure. Congratulations on your well-deserved success!