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Fastech Takes Proactive Steps to Ensure Safety in Light of Taal Eruption and COVID-19

June 13, 2020


Last January, Fastech Synergy Philippines, Inc. took immediate action to make sure employees were prepared for urgent situations that could be caused by the eruption of the Taal Volcano and by the COVID-19 outbreak.


One preventive measure taken by Fastech at the time was the distribution of N95 masks to all employees last January 27. This type of mask is effective in keeping out small particles, like ash, as well as preventing the spread of viruses from person to person.


Fastech has also started its own message alerts for urgent announcements and emergencies. FASTECH TEXT BLAST was tested last February 7 to confirm that all employee mobile numbers were updated and contactable.


Another effort of Fastech was to institutionalize the use of Go Bags. Every employee is currently mandated to have their own Go Bag with bottled water, easy-to-open food, a flashlight, a whistle, and adhesive bandages at minimum, as part of Fastech’s Safety Policy. Spot checks are being conducted to ensure compliance.


Apart from internal efforts, Fastech also reached out to help communities affected by Taal’s volcanic activity. Relief operations were carried out last January 16 for Tanauan, Batangas and January 22 for Balete, Batangas. On the first day of the call for donations for the victims, Fastech employees repackaged relief goods and went on-ground to carry out the actual relief operations. A second round of relief efforts also followed. Food packs, bottles of drinking water, baby supplies, clothes, sleeping mats, blankets, towels, and detergents were given away.


Even as extraordinary events occurred early in 2020, Fastech has continued to work for the safety of its employees and the stability of its production.