Fastech aims to provide total manufacturing solutions to its clients through flexible and cost-competitive services. We continueto develop and improve processes and product enhancements to better serve the various needs of our clients.

Flexibility and Product Ownership: We acknowledge the unique requirement of each client by offering services particular to the client's specification and needs. We can work with the customer to reduce costs and share the savings such as direct material savings thru sourcing cheaper suppliers, improved test and tuning yields driven by product engineering, lowest cost of test thru superior production solution including test time reductions, multiple site, among others.

Cost-competitiveness:  As the manufacturing expert, we vow to give the most cost-effective solution to the client's requirements by optimization of operational efficiencies and through product development and engineering.


In Fastech, Quality is everyone's responsibility. Fastech consciously endeavors to raise its Quality level higher than the standards. We employ tight measures to ensure the Quality of our products and processes. Total customer satisfaction is the goal of every employee. Customer commitment to quality is embedded in every discipline of the company.

The following programs are part of our total quality systems:

  1. Employee training in all levels.
  2. Control Plan
  3. Total Production Maintenance (TPM)
  4. Customer Satisfaction Scorecard 

The Company has a well-defined "Strategic Quality Roadmap" for the next five years. Quality in administration and operations is also a priority. Various measures are being adapted to facilitate transactions, logistics, storage and documentation.


Fastech provides superior customer support that matches our product. We take pride in our reputation of being a quality, service and people-oriented company.

Fastech's strength lies in its ability to maintain long-term relationships with customers. The Company revitalized the Sales, Marketing and Customer Relations team to further respond to the growing needs of the customers. Its dedicated Account Executives are on-call 24 hrs to ensure that concerns are addressed at the soonest possible time.

The Company regularly conducts performance surveys among its clients to determine possible areas for improvement. It continues to invest on facilities for the use of customers and their representatives.


To further adapt to the challenges of the millennium, Fastech gives high regard to human resource training and development. It firmly believes that the key to being competitive in the industry is efficiency and quality consciousness among its personnel.

The company consciously improves its human resource management and development programs to respond to the present demands of the industry. All employees undergo rigorous technical as well as values development training with the aim of increasing productivity and emphasizing the importance of Quality in all aspects and areas of operation.

The value of "ownership" is seriously being inculcated in the minds of each employee. The employees are conscious of their accountability to the tasks assigned and they are encouraged to give their best performance for every responsibility.